Experience the real taste of America with our pan baked Americana range available in two sizes.  San Marco have refined pan baking over the years and produces an excellent product that out performs expectations with its crunchy crust yet soft bite.

Our big (25cm) & standard  range (22cm) sizes come in two variant types – Pepperoni & Hawaiian. The deep pan base is layered with a herb infused tomato sauce with our unique blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and topped with pepperoni and red and green peppers, and the Hawaiian variant is topped with ham and pineapple.

San Marco is constantly innovating and adapting our products for a culinary feast with on trend food products and what better than the launch of San Marco BBQ Pulled Pork special edition. Our product has roots in Southern America renowned for its BBQ prowess together with delicious mouth watering pulled meats. Our product has our infamous deep pan base with its crunchy crust, yet soft bite. The product is layered with a rich tomato barbecue sauce covered with Mozzarella cheese, topped with pulled pork with a sweet and tangy drizzle. A savoury feast for all pizza lovers.

New to our range for a limited time only is our new special edition, American Style Beef Burrito.  The California style deep pan baked pizza base topped with our signature sauce, a three cheese blend of mozzarella, red cheddar & Monterey jack cheeses, spicy beef, cream cheese, tomato, red onion, kidney beans with a chilli & black pepper crumb. This mouth-watering pie joins the Special Edition Range which includes Tennessee Pulled Pork pizza with a BBQ sauce.  Watch out for some new varieties, coming soon.