Please discover some of the benefits & advantages of frozen foods that help not only us at home, but also the environment:

Did you know?

  • Freezing allows you to choose from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients all year round.
  • Frozen food contains no preservatives. It is a natural form of preservation.
  • Frozen products are often cheaper than similar chilled or fresh foods and just as good as they are preserved quickly.
  • Frozen food also helps reduce food waste as you use only what you need – which means it’s good for your pocket and the environment.
  • Frozen vegetables are nutritionally more reliable than fresh as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost during transportation.

Benefits of Frozen Pizzas

  • Frozen pizzas have a longer shelf life and allow for greater flexibility. You can keep them in your freezer for months and have a meal ready in minutes.
  • All frozen pizzas have been ‘flash frozen’ to ensure the product holds all their nutrients and taste. Flash freezing locks in all the product‘s goodness.
  • It’s always useful to have a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer – you never know when your kids might have a surprise visit from one of their friends after school!
  • Frozen pizzas are popular with all the family and are always convenient for a back-up meal for any party – after all, frozen pizzas can be ready in no time!