San Marco Launches Special Edition Beef Burrito Pizza

30 August 2016

New for a limited time only!

New to our range for a limited time only is our new special edition, American Style Beef Burrito Pizza.  The new California style deep pan baked pizza base topped with our signature sauce, a three cheese blend of Mozzarella, red Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses, spicy beef, cream cheese, tomato, red onion, kidney beans with a chilli & black pepper crumb.

This mouth-watering pie joins the Special Edition deep pan range which also includes Tennessee Pulled Pork pizza with a BBQ sauce.  The Tennessee style pizza has our infamous deep pan base, topped with a barbeque style tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pulled pork and a sweet and tangy sauce.

The special edition range has been developed for pizza lovers, who love pizza but like to experiment with international foods.

Watch out for some new varieties, coming soon.


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