Get EMOJIONAl with San Marco Pizza's

30 May 2016

Yes, it's really true. Sweet Pizzas exist!  The San Marco brand has just launched a new social media campaign to drive awareness for their range of new delicious dessert pizzas, targeting families and young adults in the Netherlands. The campaign features emoji’s mimicking consumer’s reaction to the sweet pizza range, which are now available in Albert Heijn & Jumbo in the frozen foods section.

The campaign will run for four weeks on Facebook and Instagram with a link to the new website. Already the spontaneous response is phenomenal with #omg, #yummy being the popular responses and with the products attracting a lot of social media attention. The award winning products are an exciting fun innovation in the frozen dessert category and a tasty treat for parties or social gatherings, popular with young adults.

The range includes dessert favourites chocolate brownie & apple crumble pizza’s. The former consists of a delicious, sweet crispy pizza base with chocolate sauce, white chocolate chunks and - as if that were not enough – chocolate brownie pieces. Fresh baked from frozen, served warm from the oven, if you were still not a chocoholic, you become one with this Sweet Chocolate Brownie Pizza ! Yummy ! Or how about the same delicious, sweet crispy pizza base topped with delicious bramley apple sauce, diced apple and a sweet crumble topping, Sweet Pizza Apple Crumble is the perfect twist on the classic apple crumble.

Liam Hyland, Head of Exports, San Marco  “this is our first foray into developing a social media campaign for the San Marco Sweet Pizza brand in the Netherlands and we look forward to extending the campaign to other markets”.

To learn more, please visit our website  or email or telephone  +353 45 848000.