2 New Gluten Free Vegetale Products Launched

2 November 2015

Two new exciting vegetarian variants have been added to San Marco’s gluten free portfolio due to popular demand:

San Marco Pizza Vegetale - a thin gluten free pizza base topped with our signature tomato sauce and semi-ripened lactose free cheese, chargrilled courgettes, red peppers, yellow peppers, red onion, spinach and sundried tomato pesto – a delicious combination.

San Marco Vegetarian Pepperoni Pizza - a new veggie pepperoni pizza that boasts being gluten free, lactose free and wheat free on top of being meat free! It has a thin gluten free pizza base topped with a signature tomato sauce with lactose free semi ripened cheese, meat free pepperoni, red and yellow peppers and garlic oil topped with a chili and black pepper sprinkle.

The range is also endorsed with a Global Free licence - a must have for gluten free consumers.